180922 – VANLIGT FOLK RELEASE PARTY: Sing-Sang, Malmö, Sweden * 180901 – ULF ERIKSSON: Tjäro Festival, Sweden * 180818 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Waking Life, Amsterdam, Portugal * 180602 – ULF ERIKSSON, Geneva, Swiss * 180601 – ULF ERIKSSON, Folklore, Lausanne, Swiss * 180519 – ULF ERIKSSON + GARCON: Sing-Sang, Malmö, Sweden * 180504 – ULF ERIKSSON + more: Varvet, Suicide Circus, Berlin, Germany * 180428 – INTONAL FESTIVAL, Malmö, Sweden * 180324 – KONTRA050 CELEBRATION WITH TM404, WA WU WE & ULF ERIKSSON, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden * 180310 – ULF ERIKSSON + HIGH WOLF + LOW JACK: Sing-Sang, Malmö, Sweden * 180210 – KONTRA PRESENTS DJ BONE, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden * 180113 – ULF ERIKSSON: Interstellar, Singapore  * 180105 – ULF ERIKSSON, Shadow Play, Bejing, China * 171229 – ULF ERIKSSON, Control, Bucharest, Romania * 171216 – ULF ERIKSSON: Sing-Sang, Malmö, Sweden *171125 – ULF ERIKSSON: Elysia, Basel, Swizerland * 171118 – ULF ERIKSSON + ANDREAS TILLIANDER: Sing-Sang, Malmö, Sweden * 171111 – ULF ERIKSSON: Ost, Berlin, Germany * 171028 – ULF ERIKSSON: Inkonstfesten, Malmö, Sweden * 171021 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: ADE, Amsterdam, Holland * 171021 ULF ERIKSSON: Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, Holland * 170917 – ULF ERIKSSON: Berghain, Berlin, Germany * 170916 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Gather Festival, Sthlm, Sweden * 170909 – ULF ERIKSSON: Somewhere Festival, Denmark * 170901 – ULF ERIKSSON: Concrete, Paris, France * 170826 – ULF ERIKSSON: Tjäro Festival, Sweden * 170818 – ULF ERIKSSON: Walking Life Festival, Portugal * 170812 – ULF ERIKSSON: Hangzhou, China * 170811  – ULF ERIKSSON: Elevator, Shanghai, China * 170809 – ULF ERIKSSON: Interstellar, Singapore  * 170805 – ULF ERIKSSON: Smoke Machine, Korner, Taipei, Taiwan * 170722 – ULF ERIKSSON & HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS: Sing Sang, Malmö, Sweden * 170701 – ULF ERIKSSON: Trolldans, Malmö, Malmö, Sweden * 170625 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Paradise City Festival, Belgium * 170614 – ULF ERIKSSON, Control, Bucharest, Romania * 170610 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Drift Festival, Nijmegen, Holland * 170602 – ULF ERIKSSON: Distortion Festival, Culture-Box, Cph, Denmark * 170429 – ULF ERIKSSON vs KANYL: Sorgenfri, Malmö, Sweden * 170429 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Intonal, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden * 170415 – ULF ERIKSSON, Pommes 94, Malmö, Sweden *170415 – ULF ERIKSSON, FABIAN BRUHN & DORISBURG LIVE: Kontra vs Aniara, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden *170325 – ULF ERIKSSON, Fee Fi Fo Fum, Gothenburg, Sweden *170224 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Khidi, Tbilisi, Georgia * 170128 – ULF ERIKSSON: Dommune, Tokyo, Japan * 170127 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Nuance, Unit, Tokyo, Japan * 170121 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Smoke Machine, Korner, Taipei, Taiwan * 170120 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Faust Seoul, South Korea  * 170114 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Strange Signals, Civic Underground, Sydney, Australia * 170113 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Butter Sessions, Melbourne, Australia * 170107 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Shadow Play, Elevator, Shanghai, China * 170106 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Shadow Play, DADA Bar, Beijing, China * 161210 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Kontra-Musik 10 Year, Damfzentrale, Bern, Swiss * 161119 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE, SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON, RIVET: Kontra-Musik 10 Year, Berghain, Berlin, Germany * 161118 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Kontra-Musik 10 Year, Control, Bucharest, Romania * 161023 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: ADE, Breakfast Club, Amsterdam, Holland * 161015 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Ampere, Antwerp, Belgium * 160910 – ULF ERIKSSON, RIVET, TYLER FRIEDMAN, PRINS EMANUEL: Somewhere Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark * 160903 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Inkonst 10 Years, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden * 160827 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Forte Festival, Portugal * 160826 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON: Kruthuset Outdoors, Stockholm, Sweden * 160812 – ULF ERIKSSON: Batofar, Paris, France * 160805 – ULF ERIKSSON: Svenska Ravelandslagets Årsmöte, Secret location, Höör, Sweden * 160730 – ULF ERIKSSON, RIVET & TM404 LIVE: Kontra-Musik 10 Year, Culture Box, Cph * 160730 – ULF ERIKSSON & TM404 LIVE: Landskrona Karnevalen, Landskrona, Sweden * 160723 – FRAK LIVE, TM404 LIVE, RIVET, PRINS EMANUEL: Kontra-Musik 10 Year, Poppel, Malmö, Sweden * 160611 – SEBASTIAN MULLAERT & ULF ERIKSSON, Druckluft, Oberhausen, Germany

Mokira – Chill Out

Andreas Tilliander released his first album as Mokira at the very turn of the Millennium on almighty Raster Noton. 11 years later, the latest Mokira album Time Axis Manipulation was issued on Ulf Erikssons Kontra-Musik and now it’s time to pick up where we left off with ‘Chill Out’. There’s an air of happy retrospect and light solemnity surrounding the new album – enhanced by the fact that it marks Kontra-Musik’s 50th release. With ‘Chill Out’, Mokira attempts to bring back the dreamlike state from those magical late nights of his youth spent in front of MTV’s Chill Out Zone; to go back to his ambient roots using contemporary techniques and perspectives. The result? Well, imagine Lee Scratch Perry and KLF enjoying an episode of Stranger Things on a crappy vintage TV after being hard at work burying old tape recordings in Perry’s tropical garden. Imagine them sitting together totally at peace in a big, cosy sofa while a heavy haze is building up in the room, pleasantly affecting the eerie images on the screen. We always knew Kontra-Musik’s 50th release had to be something quite out of the ordinary. As expected, Mokira didn’t disappoint us one bit.

The vinyl LP is accompanied with a download code for a mixed version of the album, containing almost double the amount of tracks. The mixed version makes it easy for the Chill Out listener to just sit back and let go of reality for a while, just like Mokira did 25 years ago in front of his old TV.


Kontra-Musik is an electronic music label that celebrates diversity, personality and art. Started in 2006 by Ulf Eriksson the label has today become and important antagonist on the international scene. Kontra-Musik is an independent label free as can be. The label tries not to follow trends or fashion to avoid becoming the short-lived product of the most recent hype.

Kontra-Musik intends to show different angels of perspective, not to convert you to a new Religion or Ideology.


Here you can book parts of the ever-growing Kontra-Musik roster. We also work with a selection of artist out side of the label, artists we believe in and who match our philosophy of diversity, personality and musical freedom. Our touring roster are at the moment: Arpanet,  Ikonika, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Korridor, Mokira, TM404, Olle Bergkvist, Rivet, rRoxymore, Sebastian Mullaert, Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson, TM404, Ulf Eriksson


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