Luke Hess is the new star out of Detroit. With celebrated eps out on Omar-S´ FXHE, Kontra-Musik and Echocord Colour, his debut album - Light in the Dark - is now out on Echocord. Avaliable world wide for live set or dj set.


Luke Hess (Kontra-Musik, FXHE, US)

Born in 1980 in metro-Detroit and subject to the city’s mid-90’s warehouse parties, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement. His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance floor, using frequencies, tones, and sound-scapes to transform surroundings and mood. Luke’s faith based music production has landed him a seat with Beretta Music in Detroit. Solo work on Beretta Grey include “Dwell” on Beretta Grey Vol.1, and his latest “Absolute Truth” EP – Beretta Grey Vol.3 is getting played and charted by many artists: Ryan Crosson, Falko Brockseiper, MIA, and Luciano to name a few. Luke has recently been picked up by a French based dub-techno label “Modelisme” with releases “Agape Dub” and “City Lights” due out in 2008. Also, look for his highly sought after EP on FXHE, released in October 2007. With 8 years of DJ experience and several notable live sets, he is regarded as a perfectionist on stage, layering tracks in a very detailed and hypnotic manner. Luke has played along side artists like John Tejada, Konrad Black, Thomas Barnett, DJ 3000, Greg Gow, Omar S. and many more. He has highly regarded mixes online and in 2003 recorded a promotional mix CD release for UR/Submerge. Luke’s continued hard work behind the decks and in the studio combined with his unyielding interest in technology and sound will no doubt stimulate the boundaries of electronic music.



His main electronic music influences are from artists and labels such as Rob Hood, Basic Channel, Plastikman, Carl Craig, Radio Slave, Stewart Walker, Thinner, Force Inc., Mobilee, Systematic, and ~Scape recordings. His appreciation for sounds in nature and his interest in technology, his attention to detail, and his spirit keep him motivated to push sounds into a new and powerful dimension.


Selected discography:

"Dwell" - Beretta Grey (2005)

"I Cant´t Be Without (Luke Hess Remix)" - Gravid Digital (2006)

"Absolute Truth EP" - Beretta Grey (2007)

"Dubout EP1" - FXHE (2007)

"Believe & Receive - Kontra-Musik (2008)

"Dubout EP2" - FXHE (2008)

"Campfire Dialogue" - Echocord Colour (2008)

"Dub for Love" - Modelisme (2009)

"Light In the Dark" - Echocord (2009)




Luke fall 2008 live set


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