KM016 | Kondens – First Cut EP

Kondens is a collaboration between Swedish electronic music veterans Andreas Tilliander (Mille Plateaux/Force Inc, Raster-Noton and Repeatle) and Stefan Thor aka Folie (Mitek). The sound is a hybrid of techy dubstep with a twist and banging dub-influenced techno. Pure peak time bliss without losing the love for dub and tape delays. The vinyl debut, First Cut EP, includes a stunning deep techno remix signed Norman Nodge.

First out is a fast and broken dub-techno track – Ruddock Rave. Named after Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby, the title gives a clear signal of what Kondens is all about – the combination of dub and dance. The dubstep track0451, in typical dubstep manner, is named after the area code where the song is made and where both Andreas och Stefan grew up – good old Hässleholm in Sweden. The remix is signed long time favorite, Norman Nodge. With a good amount of effects he turns Rudduck Rave into a late night techno mover, giving thought to the atmosphere and mood of the Plastikman Consumed era.

The story of Kondens started one drunken night in Shanghai 2009. Southern Swedes, electronica producers, and friends since childhood, Stefan Thor and Andreas Tilliander, were on a China tour performing under their respective monikers, Folie and Mokira. One night they got drunk at the hotel and formed a band. As a duo they make playful, techy and wobbly dubstep with a twist. The bass reaches deep below into dark abysses of sound, while the beautiful harmonies always stay on the surface of the tracks. Both Andreas Tilliander and Stefan Thor have been making electronic music since the eighties, but it’s not until 2010, with Kondens, that the two finally meet as a duo.

Tilliander and Thor has been putting out records on genre defining labels such as Mille Plateaux/Force Inc, Raster-Noton, Echocord, Mitek and Type Records.
World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artists:  Kondens & Norman Nodge
  • Title: First Cut EP
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12” + digital
  • Cat.No.: km016
  • Release date: 100929
  • Digital Release date: 101013