KM017 | Marcel Dettmann – Kontra Mokira Mixes

Two mind-blowing techno pieces from Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton, MDR) is next on Kontra-Musik Records. With parts, samples and inspiration from Swedish experimental dub/drone act Mokira (Type, Raster Noton & Mille Plateaux), Dettmann delivers two brand new tracks for the label.

On the A-side, Factory Report 1, Dettmann takes you on a deep and industrial dub ride.  Kicks roll like thunder. Dub chords and processed sounds move gently in and out of this elegant composition. Without disturbing the monotony, Dettmann skillfully creates music generating strong feelings of movement and travel.

The B-side is more aggressive. The kick on Factory Report 2 is harder and so is the momentum. Sharp, industrial and reverb-soaked sounds twist the droning soundscape, moving the receiver forward and deeper into this cinematic music piece.

This EP is modern techno music at it best and the Dettmann-Mokira collaboration proved very fruitful.

Dettmann normally releases his take on techno on the labels Ostgut Ton and MDR. Mokira is the first and main alias from the Swedish producer Andreas Tilliander. The muic of Mokira could be described as electronic kraut, harsh ambient and the deepest dub. All recorded on vintage gear.

Kontra-Musik would like to thank Marcel Dettmann for lending his talent to this project. We also would like to thank Andreas Tilliander for providing of ever-beautiful parts and sounds. Few other men can make vintage gear sound so good. Also thanks to Andreas for putting the final touch on this great release with his mastering skills. A limited series of three Mokira 10-inch records and a digital album will follow this release. The vinyl will contain remixes from no less than Redshape, Silent Servant and Echospace. And it will blow minds…

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artists: Marcel Dettmann
  • Title: Kontra Mokira Mixes
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12” + digital
  • Cat.No.: km017
  • Release date: 110126
  • Digital Release date: 110209