KM020 | Jonsson & Alter – En Livfull Skildring

Jonsson/Alter – the new project from Henrik Jonsson (Porn Sword Tobacco/Gunnar Jonsson) & Joel Alter (Joel Alter/Jor-el) – presents the follow up to their debut EP – Olidan. After the summer their full-length album will drop.

The title track, En Livfull Skildring, is a well-arranged and heavy dance track moving the newborn duo closer to techno domains. But the Jonsson/Ater version of techno is something very playful, warm and organic. With free and floating organs, the already acknowledged trade mark of the group, this feels like techno seeking inspiration in the sounds of the seventies.

On the b-side a minimalistic but irresistibly funky drum programming jams with a wild and constantly tweaked one-tone bass line. Very few sounds play efficiently in this amazing track that will be spun extensively by djs worldwide this summer. You will not miss this one – be so sure.

On the last track, house maestro Move D alias David Moufang threats the title track and brings us down the memory lane. A fierce kick, classic and old school house stabs mix with a 303 and Davids own Dobro guitar. The result is a deep, melodic and very warm house track striving towards dance floor peaks. Only David can do it like this…and he does.

It all started with some old synthesizers and the will to play. Jonsson and Alter met in Gothenburg, Sweden, years ago. In 2010 they found themselves being neighbors in Berlin, Neue Köln. One day Jonsson went over to Alter, checking out some abandoned synthesizers Alter found in the streets. A jam session started that has not yet ended.

Jonsson has a long history of record making and is the musician behind projects like Porn Sword Tobacco, Stress Assassin and Gunnar Jonsson. His track Morgonånga was voted one of the best tracks of 2010 by MNML SSGS and the track Massagerutin 1 still blow minds. Alter also has long release history, with records out record on labels such as Minus, Gigolo and Room With A View.   Recently Joel had a minor hit with the track I Feel You, out on Bass Culture.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artists: Jonsson & Alter
  • Title: En Livfull Skildring
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format:  vinyl 12” + digital
  • Cat.No.: km020
  • Release dates: 110622
  • Digital Release date: 110706