KM022 | Jonsson & Alter – Mod

The much-anticipated album from Jonsson/Alter, the new project from Henrik Jonsson (Porn Sword Tobacco/Gunnar Jonsson) & Joel Alter (Joel Alter/Jor-el), has finally arrived. If the very well received preceding EPs, Olidan (km019) and En Livfull Skildring (km020), are future classics, the album Mod, sets a new standard of what a dance music album could be. With personality and grace Jonsson/Alter blend soul, atmosphere and space with heavenly monotone funk. Or as the artists put it: “This album just landed in our laps like the sand falls inside an hourglass, every note is a breath of air and each kick pumps like a woken heart.”

Tension is the key word to this album. The raw funk of bass lines and drum programming always grinds against the smooth and beautiful, almost sacral and poetic parts of the music. You can feel the work of two producers, two styles, two ideas, meeting and blending to create something new – a sound of their own. This can clearly be heard on Acapellan. A sharp acid bass line meets smooth church-bell pads and Pet Sound choirs move freely in and out of the piece.

Djup House plays around the same theme. Dreamy monotone organ pads and deep human sighs meet the striving funk of daily life.

Dvärg is probably the most danceable track on the album. Minimalistic but irresistibly funky drum programming jams together with a wild and constantly tweaked one-tone bass line. Very few sounds play efficiently in this amazingly dirty club track.

Kyrka 2.0 brings us back to the deeper domains of the Jonsson/Alter sound. Floating organ chords are carefully filtered back and forth. The music sounds almost religious. Even if the key is in minor this is music filled with hope.

Hela Berget aims for the dance floor and brings some serious American inspired techno sounds. Again the trademark of dusty soft organ cords enters and tries to drain the funk. But in favor of the dance, the sacral atmosphere is forced away by raw bass line and dance floor drums.

The vinyl album ends with Tre Ackord, a cinematic and dusty house classic. This is pure “riding-bike-in-the-Swedish-country-side-summer-music.” Good times are what we are made for and this album will hopefully help you in pursuing that task.

It all started with some old synthesizers and the will to play. Jonsson and Alter met in Gothenburg, Sweden, years ago. In 2010 they found themselves being neighbors in Berlin, Neue Köln. One day Jonsson went over to Alter, checking out some abandoned synthesizers Alter found in the streets. A jam session started that has not yet ended.

Jonsson has a long history of record making and is the musician behind projects like Porn Sword Tobacco, Stress Assassin and Gunnar Jonsson. His track Morgonånga was voted one of the best tracks of 2010 by MNML SSGS and the track Massagerutin 1 still blow minds. Alter also has long release history, with records out record on labels such as Minus, Gigolo and Room With A View.   Recently Joel had a minor hit with the track I Feel You, out on Bass Culture.  

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  • Artists: Jonsson & Alter
  • Title: Mod
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format:  vinyl 2×12” + digital
  • Cat.No.: km022
  • Release dates: 111005
  • Digital Release date: 111019