KM025 | Jonsson & Alter – For You

back with the first 12-inch since their critically acclaimed album Mod, an album described as the best house album of 2011 by a number of critics. Now it is summer 2012 and the duo returns with an EP more straightforward than previous works. The EP For You, aims for the dancefloor with the sophisticated house anthem For You on the a-side, followed by the deeper and unique sounding Ljuset on the b-side. Enjoy!
The track For You has since the beginning been part of the Jonsson & Alter live set. And already then it sounded different from the rest of the music. The intense looped house vocal moved the duo away from their signature deep and spacey house sound into a more straightforward, almost disco, house stomp. The vocal sample of Eric D. Clarks track You, filtered warm pads, playful round basslines and minimal drums, together creates a real house burner. Lovely.
On the b-side the sound gets deeper but J/A remains on the floor. A kooky bassline starts out together with a sci-fi inspired synth and when the drums enter, Ljuset takes of in an awkward but very funky way. Early on in the track a driving hi hat sets us of and from this point on we move. The backbeat rhythm section plods on while pads, weird melodies and sincere strings move in and out of the track, creating some very inspiring early morning dance music.
Before leaving you with the music we would like to thank Eric D. Clark for lending us his vocal from the track You. Also thanks to Manmade Mastering for splendid work as always. Thanks!

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artist: Jonsson & Alter
  • Title: For You
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12” + digital
  • Cat.No.: km025
  • Vinyl release date: 120627
  • Digital release date: 120718