KM027 | Tyler Friedman – A Night in the Woods

The second of two EPs from talented Californian newcomer, Tyler Friedman, has now arrived. A Night in the Woods EP offers another cinematic techno cut from Tyler, this time with a bomb remix from label mate Rivet on the b-side.

The second Tyler Friedman-EP on Kontra-Musik is a continuation of the first –Revolve. Here Tyler continues his mission to push himself and dancemusic further. Once again composition and arrangement continuously move and transform. This is music that demands the full attention of the listener. If given – the experience is well worth the effort.

A Night in the Woods starts of as a murky rhythmic experiment. When released of its bound, it transforms into a hailstorm of sound that builds in melodic intensity towards a final climax. This is scenic and brave electronic dancemusic that over and over again will capture the focused listener. Tyler’s humble comment on this beautiful piece was: While composing it, I was just imagining fucking up main room Berghain…

On the b-side Rivet for sure push Tyler towards Berghain. But now the tool is somewhat different. Rivet transforms the cinematic original into a very dirty and dry party stomper. Rivet once again proves that he is the master of pleasing both djs and crowds without ever letting the music loose its edge. Few can do it the way Rivet can. Do not miss this one.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE



  • Artists: Tyler Friedman + Rivet
  • Title: A Night in the Woods
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12” + digital
  • Cat.No.: km027
  • Vinyl release date: 121010
  • Digital release date: 121031