KM028 | TM404 – The Morphosis Korg Response

TM404 is a new concept from analogue mastermind Andreas Tilliander aka Mokira (Kontra-Musik, Raster-Noton, Type). TM404 uses a multiple set up of the classic Roland machines TB-303, TR-606 and MC-202 to create a mesmerizing acidic techno-drone. TM404 will release a full-length album on Kontra-Musik in late January and we are very much looking forward. But before that we have another great release to present. Kontra-Musik 028 is by far our most radical release on so far. This is dance music really pushed the limit. What you are about to hear is the result of Morphosis (Morphine Records) remixing TM404 using his favorite Korg machines – the MS20 and the SQ10.

We end this press release with Rabih’s own words on the music: ”Quite challenging and not really ordinary dance music. I believe in moving forward with things, with whatever chances and possibilities I have, it’s my contribution to this world.”

Welcome to the TM404 – The Morphosis Korg Response.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artists: TM404 + Morphosis
  • Title: TM404 – The Morphosis Korg Response
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12” + digital
  • Cat.No.: km028
  • Vinyl release date: 121128
  • Digital release date: 121219