KM045 | Wa Wu We – Travellers

Sebastian Mullaert and Kontra-Musik have been involved in a love affair for quite some time – an affair that even resulted in an offspring called The Dance that came out on Kontra-Musik last year. Sebastian Mullaert is of course first of all known as half of Minilogue, a duo so influential in the hypnotic field of techno that Korg recently named a synthesizer after them. Lately, Sebastian has focused on his solo path under the Wa Wu We moniker, releasing stripped back and personal music on his own Wa Wu We label, the cryptic S.E.L.F label and now on Kontra-Musik.

On the title track Travellers, Sebastian Mullaert uses a straight up techno formula that may surprise listeners who haven’t followed his move into Wa Wu We territory. You almost get the impression Sebastian buried a recording destined for a rigid techno label in a deep forest back in the 90’s and has now decided to uncover it again, finding that the track has matured under the black soil. The sharp edges are now covered in smooth moss and the soundscape is immensely deep and moist. But it’s still a vibrant and very much effective track. Above all, it has loads of free space to let the listeners make up their own journeys as travellers into the world of sound created by Mullaert.

We float, on the flip side, is a beautiful and meditative ambient piece. It’s also the fastest way for the urban dweller to find him or herself floating in a serene lake surrounded by strong, green trees instead of floating in a sea of stress and anxiety. A set of headphones and this new release from Kontra-Musik and you’re there.

Thanks to Mike Grinser @ Manmade Mastering, Berlin

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artist:  Wa Wu We
  • Title: Travellers
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12″
  • Cat.No.: km045
  • Vinyl release date: 160613