KM048 | The Dance remixed 2

Following the warm reception of The Dance 2xLP Album + live CD recording last year, Kontra-Musik now presents The Dance Remixed 1 & 2.

The Dance is a rare and precious project for Kontra-Musik, run by label boss Ulf Eriksson and Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue). The two friends have been touring the world together for quite some time now – Sebastian with his synths and machines and Ulf with his bursting record bag. It’s the fusion that makes The Dance such a great experience; the fusion of different techniques and temperaments. Every performance is unique, building upon the connection between Sebastian’s live improvisations, Ulf’s simultaneous selection and the moving bodies on the dancefloor. Because ultimately, it’s The Dance that really matters: the sacred link between the hands of the few with the feet of the many.

The hyper-hypnotic beats and melodies of Sebastian Mullaert’s haven’t just captured the minds and feet of those who have entered The Dance, they’ve also inspired many fellow artists. On The Dance Remixed 1 & 2, Kontra-Musik and Ulf Eriksson has decided to present a few impressive and diverse interpretations of Sebastian’s work, as well as a couple of re-arrangements by Sebastian himself as Wa Wu We.

The Dance Remixed 2 features an ever-growing remix by Efdemin – peak hour material without being boorish, just the way Kontra-Musik likes it. Wa Wu We and Voices From the Lake follow up with two tropical jungle expeditions: Wa Wu We’s version of “Fusion” is feverishly humid and hot while Voices From the Lake takes the nocturnal route; brooding darkness, heavy rain and strange creatures of the night squirming away from the flashlight. Northern Electronics’ own Ulwhednar (Abdulla Rashim & Varg) takes the listener to completely different latitudes with a hyperborean remix filled with chilling harmonies and gangrene-inflicted beats. Finally, Dutch Malbetrieb delivers a sub bass driven techno epos, built around a variation of Sebastian original melody.

The Dance Remixed 1 features remixes from Joey Anderson, Markus Suckut & Wa Wu We.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artists: Efdemin, Voices from the Lake, Ulwhednar, Wa Wu We, Malbetrieb & Sebastian Mullaert
  • Title: The Dance remixed 2
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12″
  • Cat.No.: km048
  • Vinyl release date: 161121
  • Digital release date: 170123