KMCD01 | Mokira – Time Axis Manipulation

Mokira – Time Axis Manipulation is the eight full-length album from Swedish experimental dub/drone act Mokira (Type, Raster Noton & Mille Plateaux).

When the Andreas Tilliander alias Mokira, was conceived in the nineties, it was all about noise and sound rather than anything else. In 2000 Mokira released his debut on Germanys prestigious label Raster-Noton. The album, entitled Cliphop, helped defining the clicks genre. The music was rhythmical with sparse minimalism and glitch grooves. After his album on Mille Plateaux, Mokira changed its focus for the third album, released in 2004 on Type Records. The Type album was without percussion and the music was all about huge pads and analog delays. This sound naturally leads up to today and the latest creation of Mokira. On Time Axis Manipulation Mokira delivers a mixture of previous styles. You could call it Detroit Techno – but without the techno part.

The album is a mix that starts out with Manipulation Musik, the darkest and most cinematic piece on this album. When the dub track LFU Skank slowly enters the mix, dance is close and the wide spectrum of Mokira as an artist is revealed. Time track, one of the title tracks of the album moves further down into deepest dub. Rolling cords and bassline builds slowly towards a dub meltdown. Rainford is rain and Kendal is dessert leading up to the grand finale – the Axis Track. Bursts of sound hits like waves on an Irish shore in autumn. Kept together by a solid bassline and a fragile melody Axis Audio is an excursion in beautiful sounds.

You can call this album and the music of Mokira electronic kraut, harsh ambient or the deepest dub. On the album Time Axis Manipulation Mokira again focuses on the beauty of sound. Sounds beautiful enough in their own right. Together as songs, Mokira brings rain to your summer.

The CD-album contains a previous unreleased CV313 (Echospace) version of the track Axis Audio.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artists: Mokira
  • Title: Time Axis Manipulation
  • Mastering: Andreas Tilliander
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: CD and digital
  • Cat.No.: kmcd01
  • Release date: 110512