Kontra-Musik and Aniara Recordings have walked side by side for a long time through the esoteric fields of Northern electronic music. Sometimes taking different paths, but the shared love for dance music with heart and character has always brought the two labels back together again. Koniara is their lovechild – a new space for music that may be made with machines but certainly not for them. Koniara 01 offers two distinct expressions of this philosophy: Wa Wu We’s Trieya is like an instrumental episode of Planet Earth, inviting us within the green walls of a great old Northern forest to experience the awakening of the trees and the wildlife inhabiting them at daybreak, to the growing shadows silencing the forest at dawn. All in 12 minutes. Syra, by Dorisburg and Fabian Bruhn is also a distinctively foresty and green track, but we’re much closer to the Equator now. The air is warmer and more humid, making sweet sweat trickle down our backs as we’re moving through the curiously colourful undergrowth. Perhaps we shouldn’t have licked that purple toad a while back. Oh well.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE

  • Artists: Wa Wu We/ Dorisburg & Fabian Bruhn
  • Title: Koniara 01
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records/Aniara
  • Format: Vinyl 1×12″
  • Cat.No.: Koniara01
  • Vinyl release date: 190311
  • Digital release date: