(Night Slugs)

Most people have heard of British-born, Berlin-based Neana [on the trak] via his releases on Night Slugs. Others will be aware of his work as co-founder of the international Gang Fatale collective. All love his energetic, playful DJ sets mixing together ballroom house, Jersey club, UK funky, tribal house, kuduro, grime, R&B, rap, and more, notably for the likes of Boiler Room, BBC Radio 1, and Radar Radio.

As a producer, Neana’s mixtape The Trak Rekord is one of the freshest collections of club rhythms 2017 has to offer. Full of rhythmic flair, UK swagger, and a deep joy for the dance, it singled him out as a producer of note. With bootlegs, edits, remixes, and collaborations ever on the go, Neana is a name you’ll hear again and again.

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