SELF # 2 | Rivet – Surun Aika

Do you sometimes experience a sensation of déjà vu when listening to a new record? It’s fascinating what a collective impact certain repetitive patterns or organizations of sounds can have when they’re done just right at just the right time. It’s also mesmerizing how fast these patterns and sounds become worn out and get replaced in a never ending spiral of novelty, proliferation and fatigue. Doesn’t this eternal recurrence sometimes leave you wanting something else? Well. This is something else.

So. Just like Magritte’s pipe wasn’t a pipe, this is not a record. This is an invitation. An embracement. You see, this round disc may be white, but it is not empty. It is filled with our creativity. Our time. And now we would like you to fill this plain, white sleeve with your creativity and your time. We want you to share this with us. To be a part of this release. To be apart of our SELF.

This music spoke to you in some way, and now we want you to speak to us. The language is up to you – do whatever you feel like! Some of you will paint, some of you will print, some of you will do things we couldn’t even think of. All of you will be a part of the movement. A movement against the one-sidedness of the producer-consumer relationship. A movement against the hurried Zeitgeist. A movement against the grain.

We are the Swedish Electronic Liberation Front.
We don’t have customers. We don’t have followers.
We only have members.
And you’re invited to join us.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artist: Rivet – Surun Aika
  • Title: SELF # 2
  • Label: Swedish Electronic Liberation Front
  • Format: Vinyl 12″
  • Cat.No.: SELF # 2
  • Vinyl release date: 141202