KM030 | TM404 – Svans EP

TM404 aka Andreas Tilliander drops his first EP, after the celebrated debut album from earlier this year.

TM404 is a project where Andreas Tilliander embarks on a conceptual journey through classic Roland machinery. In February we saw the light of his first album under the moniker and it is probably one of the best albums this year. Since then Andreas has toured the world with his huge bag of Roland gear, finally landing a gig at Richie Hawtins Enter club concept at Ibiza. This is no wonder. On the A-side of the Svans EP you can clearly hear the connection to Richie and his Plastikman project. The track 303/303/303/606/606 is heavy, slow grooving techno that brings the listener back to the dark emptiness of the Plastikman Consumed era.
On the b-side the TM404 project is allowed elevated to new levels. With a Yamaha SY-1 and a Yamaha TG33 entering the machine park, TM404 for the first time, breaks his Roland oath and opens up the project to a future of new possibilities. During the development of the Svans EP this track actually went under the working title “the summer hit”. Take a listen to the fine bassline, airy production and the Selected Ambient Works-inspired harmonies and sounds and you will know why. Welcome to over 12 minutes of pure old school bliss.

To be played really loud on a very good soundsystem.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artists: TM404
  • Title: Svans EP
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12″ + digital
  • Cat.No.: km030
  • Vinyl release date: 130923
  • Digital release date: 131021