KM037 | TM404 – Svreca Remixes

The medieval alchemists were obsessed with anti-poles; often exploring the possibilities to mix substances and energies together that were considered to belong to opposite elements, trying to merge them into new, higher forms. Sometimes with impressive results that have effected the development of modern chemistry and medicine. And sometimes, of course, resulting in their covert workshops being blown to smithereens. In any case, mixing opposites is always an interesting project, and that brings us to the present release from Kontra-Musik. On one hand, we have Swedish National Treasure Andreas Tilliander and his already classic TM404 album. On the other we have Svreca, the dark prince of Semantica Records and heir to Oscar Mulero. We thought it would be most interesting to blend these clearly diverse elements together.
We were right.
Take the first track as an example: While the original 202/303/303/303/808 is perfect for lounging on the sofa with a cup of hot tea in your hand, a sleepy cat on your lap and your grandfather’s old headphones covering your ears, the Svreca remix takes quite a different approach. The somewhat eerie mood of the original is still there, but Svreca remodels it into a spooky Eomac-like shape. If the TM404-original is for sitting by a cosy fire, watching the snow fall outside the window, Svreca’s version is for pacing outside in the snow with the blistering cold biting your cheeks.

This division is a constant through the entire release. On one hand you have the warm, fuzzy analogue dubbiness of TM404, on the other you have the focused, trimmed and piercing techno from Svreca. It’s a bit like Saruman was given the permission to remix a Gandalf record.
We can see this ever so clearly in the last track: TM404’s 303/303/303/303/707/808 is a masterpiece of corrosive dub; the warm basslines seem to meander themselves organically from Tilliander’s silver boxes to the steady thumps of the 808. Svreca’s version is a whole different beast: scaled, uncompromising techno with hypnotizing repetitiveness, reminding one of a late Sleeparchive track or indeed even a Sähkö-release from the late nineties, but updated with that relentless Svreca kick. Again, if the original is perfect for a lazy day baking in the sun, Svreca’s version is meant to be played in places where the sun never ever shines.

TM404 + Svreca. A piece of modern alchemy, brought to you from the Kontra-Musik workshop.

World Wide Distribution by CLONE


  • Artist: TM404
  • Title: Svreca Remixes
  • Label: Kontra-Musik Records
  • Format: Vinyl 12″ + digital
  • Cat.No.: km037
  • Vinyl release date: 140922
  • Digital release date: 141020